September 19, 2018

Ambassador Maris meets with Surachai Sirisut (Ajarn Chai) at N-1 Boxing Academy

On September 17, 20018, Ambassador Siampongsa and embassy officers were greeted at N-1 Boxing Academy by Naaron Fijawalski, (Kru Naaron) Owner, and Head Trainer of the academy, and Surachai Sirisut (Ajarn Chai), who is visiting and supervising a seminar and a certification course in Muay Thai at the academy.

Considered among the first teachers and mentors of Muay Thai in North America, Ajarn Chai established the World Thai Boxing Association in California in 1968. Since then, he has been teaching Muay Thai throughout the United States and in nearly 20 countries around the world. Ajarn Chai’s brand of Muay Thai not only popularizes Thai boxing as an art of self defence, but also promotes its cultural aspects, self-discipline and other positive benefits as well.

During the visit, Kru Naaron briefed Ambassador Maris and the group on the background of the academy. Since its establishment 16 years ago in Ottawa, the academy has been an essential part of the community and currently has students ranging in ages from 6-72 years old. Muay Thai is extremely popular among the Canadian public for its art form, benefits to body and mind, self discipline and instilling respect for the elders.

Ambassador Maris congratulates N-1 on its long-standing success and expresses his full support to the promotion of Muay Thai at N-1 in all forms, especially in hosting seminars or and potentially hosting an Ambassador’s Cup competition.


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