Officials and staff at the Royal Thai Embassy




  • Ms. Dao Vibulpanich 

Chargé d'Affaires a.i.

  • Mr. Benjamin Sukanjanajtee


  • Mr. Adisak Jantatum

          Counsellor (International Organizations, Political, and Economic Affairs) 
  • Mr. Suktheep Randhawa

          Counsellor / Consul (Consular Affairs) 
  • Mrs. Chalatip Apiwattananon

 Second Secretary (Administrative and Accounting)




  • (Vacant)

         Executive Assistant / Interpreter
  • Mr. Emad Awada

Chauffeur (Ambassador)

  • Mrs. Patcharin Caza

Administrative Assistant (Passport & Legalization)

  • Mr. Chongfarr Chao

Driver (Embassy)

  • Miss Sakorn Gatamma

Office custodian

  • Mr. Andrew Holmes

Chauffeur (Minister)

  • Miss Suranchana Pattamakowit

Administrative Assistant (Information & Protocol)

  • (Vacant)

Student Affairs Coordinator

  • Mr. Pitchya Sookmark 

Office Manager & Protocol

  • Miss Joanne Varin

Administrative Assistant (Visa)

  • Miss Kulwanik Karnasuta

Administrative Assistant (Website & IT)