Diplomatic Relations

Thailand-Canada relations have been close and cordial over the years. Since established their diplomatic ties in 1961, the two countries have continually exchanged their high-level visits which include the visit of His Majesty the King and Queen of Thailand to Canada in 1967, Prime Minister Prem Tinsulanonda in 1984, and Prime Minister Chuan Leekpai in 1994. Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chretien were among the Canadian dignitaries who visited Thailand in 1983 and 1997 respectively. In addtion, Prime Minister Stephen Harper also paid an official visit to Thailand from 22-23 March 2012. The recent high-level visits to Thailand include the Honorable Stockwell Day, Minister of Trade, Mr. Deepak Obhrai, Parliamentary Secretary to Foreign Minister,  Mr. John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Mrs. Diane Adlonczy, Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas and Consular Affairs).

Thailand and Canada share similar core values and ideas on various multilateral issues such as democracy and human rights. They are also partners in multilateral platforms such as the World Trade Organization (WTO) and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), and also work together to promote human rights through dialogues such as Human Security Network with other likeminded countries. Both countries have a close cooperation in social and development frameworks including the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-personnel Mines and on Their Destruction. Canada is also a Dialogue Partner of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF).

Canada has taken active role in strengthening human rights and good governance in the region. In Thailand, Canada has supported numerous projects through Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) since 2003. The projects under the Fund aim to promote peace and security, through dialogues, in the three southernmost provinces of Thailand and among Burmese refugee populations along Thailand western border.

Each year, thousands of Thai people visit Canada for tourism, study, or work and over 190,000 -200,000 Canadians visit Thailand annually. There are estimated 5,000 Canadians living in Thailand. The cooperation among the academic institutions also plays an important part of the bilateral relations as many Canadian universities have signed cooperation agreements with Thai academic institutions during the past few years. There are a few Thai students studying in Canada including in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.